WELCOME to Topeka Swim Association!

As a new member of our TSA family you probably have a lot of unanswered questions.  Below is some information intended to inform you, guide you, and answer some questions you may have.  If you still have questions feel free to contact your coach or a member of our Parent Mentor Team.

1.  Getting started...How Do I Join TSA?
If you have not already, you need to contact Coach Bob to determine what group your swimmer should practice with.  See "Join Our Team" for more information.

2.  I have been assigned a practice group-but when do they practice? 
Each group's practice schedule can be found under their group calendar.  Choose "Group Calendar" from the top menu bar.  Choose your group's name from the drop down menu. 

3.  What does my swimmer need to know/bring/wear/do for their first practice?
Once you have determined when your group practices, plan on arriving at least 10 minutes early.  Locker rooms are available to change before/after practice.  Once on deck look for your group's coach and go to their designated area.  All swimmers need to wear a practice suit, cap, and goggles.  Yes-even boys need to wear a cap.  And yes, boys are to wear "jammers" or "speedo" style suits to practice in.  Any color/style cap and goggles are fine.  Your coach will place the swimmer in their lane and take it from there.  No matter the age or athletic ability of each swimmer-the first few weeks of practice will be tough!  Hang in there and HAVE FUN! 

4.  What equipment does my swimmer need for their practice group?
Each group has a list of required practice equipment.  For a list of your group's equipment see "TSA Swim Groups".  Practice equipment is required, however coaches do not expect new swimmers to have everything the first few weeks of practice.  You will have to determine what your swimmer needs and order the items online.  TSA has an online store that carries practice equipment as well as team apparel.  Once you have a TSA account you are able to access our online store under "Club Info" from the menu bar at the top of the home page.

5.  Fins, paddles, snorkels...Oh MY!  What size should I order? 
It's a good idea to try before you buy...have your swimmer try on their team mate's fins and paddles to ensure you purchase the right size.  If your group requires a snorkel, ask your coach to help you determine what size is right for your swimmer.  Again, contact your coach with any questions.

Stay posted....more information for new families to come!