1.  When I go to the enrollment page and try to enroll my child, there is not a GROUP LESSONS bar to click on. What should I do?

  • If the bar labeled GROUP LESSONS does not appear, this means the session you are trying to enroll for is currently closed. If you are late signing up for a current session, email Coach  Howard Hunte, [email protected] to see if there is an opening in the class of your choice.

2.  When do I pay?

  • When you go through the enrollment process, you will pay online using a credit or debit card. Check and cash payments are not accepted unless prior arrangements are made. 

3.  How do I know what level to place my child in?

  • If you are unsure about what level to enroll your child in, you can schedule an evaluation with Coach Howard. To schedule an evaluation, email  Coach Howard Hunte  [email protected] Evaluations are set by appointment.

4.  The level my child is in is too hard/easy.  Can they move up/down?

  • Yes.  Please talk with your teacher.  PLEASE NOTE: it is ultimately the teacher's decision to approve a child to move up/down a level.  Please contact Coach Howard Hunte http://[email protected] with any questions or concerns.

5.  What happens if I choose a level for my child, but it was the wrong level and the class is too hard/easy?

  • We want your swimmer to succeed!  We will work with you to find the right level for your swimmer.

6.  What does my child need for lessons?

  • Your swimmer will need a suit and towel.  Goggles are optional for all levels, but recommended for levels 3-5.  Caps are also optional. 

7.  Where can I find a TSA cap?

  • TSA caps are for sale for $5.00.  Contact Coach Howard Hunte to purchase one!

8.  Where do I find Speedo swimming suits, caps, goggles, etc?

  • Unfortunately there is not a year round vendor with swim supplies.  TSA uses The Starting Block as our team outfitter. They come to the natatorium twice a year during practices and are at all of our home hosted swim meets. An e-mail will be sent out each time they are here. is also a great site for swim gear.  Depending on the season, you can find items at Kohl's, Walmart, Target and Dick's Sporting Goods.

9.  What does my child need for an evaluation?

  • Just a swim suit!  Caps/goggles are optional.

10.  Can my daughter wear a 2 piece suit?

  • Your child can wear a suit of your choice.  As they progress in the levels, we recommend a full piece racing suit (like Speedo). 

11.  We can't make lessons one night.  Can we make up with another class on a different night?

  • No.  We do not allow any make ups for any reason if you are unable to attend a class.  If we have to cancel a class for any reason, we do our best to offer a make up class.  Please see our "Cancelation Policy".

12.  How many kids are in each class?  What is the student:teacher ratio?

  • Each class is capped between 4-8 depending on level/skill.  Occasionally we allow a student to move up or down in a class so the numbers could change depending on each session.  Each class has 1-2 teachers depending on the size of the class.

13.  Private lessons?

  • All private lessons are scheduled and priced by Instructor. However, privates must be during TSA pool times, Swimmer must be currently enrolled in session and lesson(s) completed by the end of the current session of enrollment.  Private lessons don't replace or substitute group lesson(s) but are strictly extra time with an Instructor. Payment and schedule must be made in advanced and subject to administration approval for date/time.  If you have questions about private lesson please email coach Howard Hunte http://[email protected]


Weather and Swim School
The Capitol Federal Natatorium has specific rules regarding the weather and their facility.  The staff uses several devices to track the weather including a lightening detector and local radar.  In the case of lightening we are forced to stay out of the water for 30 minutes after the last lightening strike.  If class is in progress we will pull the swimmers and classes will be ended for the day.  If you have a question about lightening before classes begin please check your email and/or this website for information.  We will send out an email immediately after we make the decision to cancel classes AND post it on our website.  If there is a Tornado Watch/Warning in the area we will not have class.

Make Up Classes
In the event that a class has to be canceled due to the weather we will do our best to offer a make up class, but can not make any guarantees.  If a make up class is scheduled, you will be notified by email with the day and time.  That will be the only opportunity to make up the originally missed class. No make up situations will be offered if you are unable to attend a class due to a personal situation (sickness, vacation, etc). 

PLEASE do not bring your child on a different day-no substitutions are allowed.  Due to insurance purposes (and your child's saftey) are keep a student/teacher ratio and are unable accept extra students.