The Topeka Swim Association strongly believes that all athletes should have the opportunity to participate on a competitive swim team regardless of financial status. The TSA Board of Directors awards financial assistance based on economic need, demonstration of commitment to swimming, teamwork, active parental volunteerism with TSA and the amount of funds available. 

Types of Financial Assistance

  • Monthly Practice Dues: The TSA Financial Assistance program is for qualified members of the team who need assistance with monthly dues.

  • Registration Fees: USA Swimming (USAS) offers an Outreach Membership program that reduces the annual membership fee an athlete pays to USA Swimming to $5.00. In addition, the Missouri Valley Swimming LSC (MV), upon award of the USAS Outreach Membership status, will waive its annual athlete registration fee. TSA will apply for this status on behalf of the swimmer upon notification by the athlete’s family of their need and receipt of qualifying supporting documentation. 

  • Meet Fees: The MV LSC offers an Outreach Assistance Program that can cover all meet fees for up to three qualified applicants from TSA in a Missouri Valley sanctioned competition. TSA pays the athlete’s meet fees and then applies for reimbursement of those fees from the program through MV Swimming.

  • National Level Meets: The TSA Financial Assistance program offers financial aid to offset the cost of attendance (meet fees, travel related fees, etc) at out of state national level meets including, Sectionals, Grand Prix, Jr. Nationals, Nationals and Olympic Trials. 


If additional financial assistance is needed, a written request should be sent to the TSA Director of Operations ([email protected]) stating the need and situation. These additional requests will be reviewed and eligibility determined by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case, anonymous basis.


  1. Must be a TSA year-round team swimmer.

  2. Swimmers must attend at least 70% of all monthly practices.

  3. Swimmers shall demonstrate a firm commitment to their own development as a swimmer as well as to the team.

  4. Swimmers and family members must fulfill volunteer and fund-raising requirements.

  5. Must be able to demonstrate financial need or extenuating family circumstances.

Application Process

  1. For the TSA Scholoarship, you can download the pdf and submit to your child’s coach or the Director of Operations ([email protected]). All information provided shall be kept confidential.

    The swimmer’s parent or guardian will need to submit one of the following to apply for the USAS Outreach Membership and/or the MV Outreach Assistance programs:

  • Copy of the letter issued to a child for reduced/free lunch program; or

  • Copy of the approved application for state Medicaid assistance

  1. Allow one month for processing. Applicants will be notified by email or phone of their funding status.

  2. The Financial Assistance Program is awarded based on the time period requested for up to one year. Recipients will need to reapply for subsequent years financial assistance. If a scholarship is not reapplied for or reapproved, the amount of the membership will revert back to the regular rate.