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This Honor Board recognizes and celebrates all of our Olympic Trials qualifiers over the history of the Tsunami Swim Team of Kansas City. The USA Olympic Team Trials is one of the fastest swim meets in the World and represents a pinnacle of achievement for most club athletes. 

2020 Olympic Trials

Madison Strathman - (100 Breast)

Noah Reid - (100 Free dual representation)

2016 Olympic Trials

Ty Fowler - (1500 Freestyle, 400 Freestyle dual representation)

Matthew Margritier - (50 Freestyle dual representation)

Madison Strathman - (100 Breast, 200 Breast)

2012 Olympic Trials

Chris Novak - (100 Breast, 200 Breast)

Ty Fowler - (1500 Freestyle)

Mason Weber - (100 Breast)


TST Hall of Fame - NCSA Junior National, USA Junior National, USA Senior National, or Olympic Trial

Individual Event Qualifiers


Chad Ainsworth, Luke Tanner, Parker Sargent, Brandon Barnds, John Cook, Ty Fowler, Matthew Margritier, Jonathon Benson, Matthew Benson, Chris Novak, Mason Weber, Ethan Rose, Jason King, Colin Livasy, Liam Huffman, Noah Reid, Alex Gach, Danny Maynard, Collin Nill, Noah Witzki, Cameron Murphy, Tony Lonsdale, Alec Enyeart, Caden Murphy.


Angela Goodson, Tarin Corwin, Shaida Solimani, Eleanor Prewitt-Thomas, Parker Watson, Allison Kirby, Dreya Curnow, Rebecca Amparano, Madison Strathman, Andie Round, Bentley Hulshof, Paige Reikhof, Nani Welsh, Claire Houston, Andi Kreiling, Ainsley Dillon, MaryBeth Clark, Georgia Clark.

Recent College News - click here for other college information for HS swimmers

  • 2016 Congratulations to Noah Reid for committing to swim at University of Arizona!!
  • 2017 Congratulations to Rachel Valentine for committing to swim at St. Peters University!!
  • 2018 Congratulations to Nani Welsh for committing to swim at Drury University!!
  • 2018 Congratulations to Paige Riekhof for committing to swim at Kansas University!!
  • 2018 Congratulations to Madeline Pittman for committing to swim at Western Illinois University!!
  • 2019 Congratulations to Georgia Clark for committing to swim at Iowa University!
  • 2019 Congratulations to Cameron Murphy for committing to swim at Wyoming University!
  • 2019 Congratulations to Noah Witzki for committing to swim at Missouri State University!
  • 2019 Congratulations to Ashlyn Pope for committing to swim at Lake Forrest College!
  • 2019 Congratulations to Abigail Culp for committing to swim at UMSL!
  • 2020 Congratulations to Bridget Hoth for commiting to swim at Westmont College!

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