Welcome to the Tsunami Fall Roundup Page for visiting teams! You will find all relative information here as well as our event page under events on our home page. Please check often.

Dear Coaches and Entry Chairs,

We welcome all of you to this year’s Fall Roundup! For those of you who are returnees, we appreciate your continued support. You have been instrumental in seeing our meet grow and be successful. For those of you who are first-timers, our goal is to make this meet a yearly highlight for your team. Please let us know if you need anything. 


If you have any issues or conflicts related to your entries please let us know and we will help rectify if we can. See you in soon!



Entries Chair:

Shea Henderson: [email protected]


Meet Director:

Shea Henderson: [email protected]


Head Coach

Tom Kleiboeker: [email protected]