Clayview Country Club

7990 N Farley Ave, Kansas City, MO 64158


Mabee Center/William Jewell College 

924 State Highway H, Liberty, MO 64068


Norterre Aurora Health and Wellness Center

2551 Norterre Circle, Liberty, MO 64068

General Facility Use Policy/Observing Practices - Please keep in mind that we are guests of the facilities in which we train. The pool deck area is for swimmers and coaches only. To minimize disruptions and distractions, we ask that parents observe practice from behind the glass at William Jewell or on deck at Clayview (away from the pool if possible) and refrain from approaching a coach, swimmer or group during practice, unless for an emergency. We recommend our parents not watch practice every day as this will help to encourage our swimmers to develop both trust in their coach and self -independence in their training. Parents are not covered by USA Swimming Insurance on deck during practices or meets and shall not disrupt practices by engaging with their swimmer (unless an emergency).  

Training Policies

  • Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy is in effect at all times.
  • Care and consideration should be shown to others at all times so as to ensure safe and effective training sessions. 
  • Swimmers should strive to be on poolside 15 minutes before appropriate start time, and should be picked up no later than 15 minutes after practice. We cannot guarantee that there will be a coach present outside of those times; Tsunami and its’ coaching staff cannot be responsible for swimmers outside of this time frame. 
  • All equipment should be ready before warm up begins. 
  • Swimmers should only enter water when instructed to do so, and then in an orderly manner. 
  • Medication should not be taken poolside unless under parental guidance. The team cannot provide any medication for swimmers. It is important that full details of all medication currently being taken are provided to the coaching staff in writing. 
  • Parents shall not coach their child at any time. 
  • Swimmers should not participate if they are feeling unwell. Must be fever free for 24 hours. 
  • Swimmers shall show respect for authority (coaches, officials, Parents, etc.) by following the curriculum given, no matter the group or lanes assigned. 


We all want to make practice the best possible place for everyone to enjoy and succeed, including respect for one other and maintaining a safe environment. Per the USA Swimming Athlete Protection Policy, this includes no cell phone use in the locker rooms before/after practices by the swimmers. We ask that you please help us in addressing this with your swimmers so we can provide a positive and safe learning environment for everyone!

For the privacy and protection of our athletes, training schedules are available only to authorized members of Tsunami Swim Team. Please contact us with any questions.