Cyclones Ages 11-13 - This group represents a progressive level with swimmers starting to make swimming a priority in their life. Swimmers are willing to attend at least 4 workouts per week and train for 90-120 minutes at each workout. These swimmers are well versed in all competitive strokes, rules of competition in USA swimming, and in lane etiquette. These swimmers move from primarily stroke instruction to actual competitive training while maintaining technique. Swimmers must be 11 years old for consideration to enter. Age does not guarantee placement. Coaches have final discretion.

Behavior Goals of Cyclone Group: to remain in the group

  1. Demonstrate healthy eating and sleeping habits and manage commitments.
  2. ​Actively listens and respects coaches and fellow swimmers.
  3. To consistently improve commitment level, sportsmanship, and training/racing ability from season to season.
  4. Swimmers should be motivated, committed, competitive at the Championship level and pursue Sectional level times as long term goals.
  5. Fine tune technique to develop stroke balance; improve pacing and race strategy.
  6. More aggressive practices with increased time spent on training; prepare for 200 stroke, 400 IM and 500 Free to the mile.
  7. Objective is to develop mature training/racing habits to pursue the highest level of age group swimming.
  8. Swimmers should attend 4-5 workouts per week. 

Cyclone Level Coach: Chris Novak