"This team shall be known for its hard work, determination, courage, motivation, excellence and a will to win. Let our team behave admirably, with integrity and sportsmanship. We believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid, and in clean sports that develop these qualities. We believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which we cannot win the respect and confidence of our fellow man. We Believe in Belief and we relish in Challenging the Moment.”

Elite High Performance

This level focuses its training and competitive efforts at the USA Swimming national level and thus requires true dedication to maximize potential. An emphasis on placing athletes in a collegiate program is of strong importance. Athlete actions and goals reflect the mission statement of USA Swimming: to build, promote, and achieve competitive success at its highest level. Swimmers must maintain 90% monthly attendance (high school season exception) to remain in the group. To ensure physical ability to train in the group, each Elite High Performance swimmer may need to pass a sports physical and submit to the coach before each short course and long course season.

Elite High Performance Standards and Goals

Ultimately, Elite High Performance Coach has full discretion for group appointments throughout the year and entry is by invite only. Interested families must contact or meet with Head Coach to go over expectations prior to participating each year.

College swimmers are welcome to participate with Tsunami Swim Team Elite level – must get approval from Head Coach. Elite will be practicing at Clayview Country Club primarily.

Elite High Performance Coach:  Tom Kleiboeker


Training Overview

Training high-level athletes has been a debated topic in swimming with approaches varying widely from volume and distance and training, to IM-based training, to race-paced/speed-oriented training. Tsunami Swim Team utilizes an approach that focuses on maximizing efficiency, allowing swimmers to develop technically while not breaking down under stress, and training/teaching swimmers how to race effectively. In addition, Tsunami Swim Team places a premium on the overall career and physical, mental, and emotional development of every swimmer. This broad view represents the foundation of our coaching philosophy and is reflected in our training methodology and the relationships we develop with our swimmers. 

Technique Overview

To be competitive at the national level, swimmers must be technically proficient and understand all nuances of their strokes. There should exist a culture of technique in which swimmers develop a dedication and a sense of pride in stroke development. Swimmers should become well-educated and accountable for technical improvement. Technical focus is intertwined into all areas of training. Athletes are prescribed detailed analyses for every aspect of their strokes and are coached to focus on technique daily.

Personal Development

As part of the mission of Tsunami Swim Team, the overriding goal of the program is to develop high-character athletes and high-character citizens, and this begins at the Elite High Performance level. We require that these swimmers operate at the highest level of training, team commitment, leadership, academics, and character. It is also imperative that they remain humble and grounded in appreciation for their success, and become mentors to younger team members. 


Critical questions for every high-level athlete to ask themselves:

  • Does my training support technical development?
  • Does my training support long-term development?
  • Am I highly motivated to train at a high level every day?
  • Do I have a daily commitment to stroke development?
  • Am I a role model and team leader and do I demonstrate that daily?
  • Am I more (self) identified as a “swimmer” or a person/leader?
  • Do I love and respect my training group and my coaches?
  • Is swimming teaching me critical life-lessons that I will carry beyond the sport?
  • Am I excited about the prospects of training at the collegiate level?
  • Do I have a college plan and support throughout the process?
  • Do I still love the sport?


Equipment Needed Elite High Performance - Swim Things equipment page 

  • Hydro Tech 2 Fins/TYR OR DMC Silicone fin. Note: PDF Breaststroke Fins for Breaststrokers. 
  • Finis Tempo Trainer.
  • Weight Lifting gloves for dryland work on concrete.
  • Water bottle/Team Cap (to be worn at all practices and meets).
  • Arena snorkel / nose plug / drag shorts / 12 inch navy parachute (all found at Swim Things)
  • Power Bags can be found on SwimmersBest 
  • Size 2 (yellow), 3 (red), or 4 (navy) Strokemaker Paddles from SwimOutlet. (Start with Yellow)
  • Bands - click the link to order “first place mini bands” (see me) from Perform Better 888-556-7464, OR D-Band.
  • All swimmers should have dry-land attire.
  • Mesh equipment bag to carry all equipment including pain relievers. 


Miscellaneous Videos