Hurricanes Ages 9-12– The emphasis is still on FUN and these swimmers work primarily on stroke instruction where the goal is to advance to Cyclones. There is no attendance requirement for this group, but athletes will improve more quickly, and make more friends (which will make them want to come more!), the more often they attend workout. Coaches have final discretion on placement.

Goals and Criteria to enter Hurricane Group:

  1. Athlete is motivated to listen to coaches and try to improve.
  2. Athletes know their attitude affects how they swim and how others around them swim.
  3. Courteous to other swimmers in pool.
  4. Swimmers self-motivated and meet minimum, competitive standards. Swimmers should attend 3 to 4 workouts per week.
  5. Improve technique, stroke balance, distance per stroke, starts, turns, and streamlines.
  6. Training will be moderate with a balance between technique and training development; prepare for 200 stroke, 400 IM and 500 Free; learn training principles and race strategy
  7. Objective is to improve stroke technique and conditioning to build training base; look toward District and Championship times. 

Hurricane Coaches: Stacy Williamson / Michael Wienands