Pre-Elite- This program is intended to provide both a stepping-stone for athletes intending to be successful in the Tsunami Elite program and also provide a demanding and comprehensive training program for those athletes who cannot meet the attendance, commitment, and/or training requirement of the Elite program. Individuals in this group attend and focus training and competing efforts at the Championship, Zone, Regional, and High School State level.Pre-Elite swimmers are expected to attend 83% (falling below may result in reassignment) of workouts and communicate with the coach about their training schedule, including daily goals. It shall be the sole discretion of the head coach to assign lanes and curriculum within the group to preserve the integrity of the training environment and shall be determined by maturity, goals, commitment level (past and present) and actual physical/skill attributes. Ultimately, Head Coach has full discretion for group appointments throughout the year and entry is by invite only. 

Current High School Season only option -Swimmers in this group who wish to dual participate (not mandatory) during their high school season must pay $150 team registration fee + $75 per month (unlimited practices up to 10) while in high school. All normal monthly training fees go active after the athlete’s high school swim season is over. 

Goals/Criteria/Expectations of the Pre-Elite Group to remain in the group:

  • Prepare athletes for SC or LC Champs, Zone, or Sectionals, Must attend all recommended meets and show history of well-attended meets as well as practices.
  • To consistently improve attitude, racing strategies, coping skills, commitment level, sportsmanship, and training/racing ability from season to season or maintain status - this includes hidden nutrition such as massage therapy, strength training, and diet.
  • Set short-term and long-term personal and swimming goals and turn them in to Head Coach. Balance school, social, swimming and family.
  • Attendance should improve, not decline as the athlete matures – 83% to maintain status, swimmers arriving late will be counted against attendance. 
  • Display ability (past and current) to train appropriately for the group. 
  • Swimmer learns to accept the responsibility for his/her performance and take ownership of their swimming. Swimmer knows all their best times and trains with this in mind.
  • Swimmers should be positive representatives of the Tsunami Swim Team when representing their community and high school team. 
  • Must swim all IMX/IMR events to ensure diversity and daily training ability. IMX score of 1800, IMR score of 1500 or actively working to complete. 
  • 3 LSC LC Champs Standards
  • Must have the ability to make 20x100 free @ 1:30 scm and 10x100 kick @ 2:00 scm.

Swimmers who are not at or near the time standard for any group may be considered to move up if they are extraordinary in other areas such as training ability, attendance, maturity and leadership. All senior swimmers, beyond these guidelines and objectives, are expected to demonstrate the highest level of character and integrity and move toward a leadership role on this and all teams in which they participate. 


Pre-Elite Coach: Kyle MartinTom Kleiboeker