Senior I

Designed for high school swimmers who are experienced and proficient, qualify for the Missouri Valley LSC SC and/or LC Championships, and are working towards the Sectional, Futures, & High School State performance. This program provides both a stepping-stone for athletes to be successful in the Tsunami Elite High Performance program and also provides a demanding and comprehensive training program for those athletes who cannot meet the training or attendance requirement of the Elite High Performance program. Senior I swimmers are expected to attend 83% (falling below will result in reassignment) of workouts and communicate with the coach about their training schedule, including daily goals to remain in the group. It shall be the sole discretion of the head coach to assign lanes and curriculum within the group to preserve the integrity of the training environment and shall be determined by maturity, goals, commitment level (past and present practice and meet attendance) and actual physical/skill attributes appropriate for the group. To ensure proper integrity of this group, swimmers must have qualified for a 2020-2021 SC or LC Championship time standard and have an IMX score from previous season.

Senior I Standards

    • 13-18 years old
    • Practice 6-8 times/week for approximately 2 hours per session, including morning practices.
    • Multiple dryland and gym sessions per week recommended as part of practice structure.
    • Achieve recent MV Senior Championship qualifying time from Short Course or Long Course.
    • Able to complete the following test sets: 10x100 free on 1:30; 5x200IM on 3:30; & 1000 kick under 19:00.

Swimmers who are not at or near the time standard for any group may be considered to move up if they are extraordinary in other areas such as training ability, attendance, maturity and leadership. All senior swimmers, beyond these guidelines and objectives, are expected to demonstrate the highest level of character and integrity and move toward a leadership role on this and all teams in which they participate. 


Senior I Coach: Kyle MartinTom Kleiboeker