Senior II

This new training group is designed for high school swimmers who are qualified for the Missouri Valley LSC District Championships and are working towards multiple Missouri Valley Championship level cuts and competing efforts at the High School Conference & State level. If a swimmer in this group qualifies for a Team Championship (Districts, Short Course and/or Long Course Champs), they should set a good example for the younger swimmers of the program and attend. Swimmers must be 13 years old to be considered for the group. Head Coach will have final approval on appointment and exceptions. It shall be the sole discretion of the lead coach to assign lanes and curriculum within the group to preserve the integrity of the training environment. These assignments shall be determined by maturity, goals, commitment level (past and present) and actual physical/skill attributes.

Senior II Standards

    • 13-18 years old
    • Standard: swimmers should be able to train moderately and be motivated to be high school swimmer, be goal oriented and positive. No IMX score required. Must compete in hosted meets.
    • Focus: development of technique/skill.
    • Stroke work: emphasis on refining and executing technique, turns and underwater speed, learn pacing and race strategy, stroke balance and moderate training.
    • Objective: train to reach high school potential & work towards USA Swimming championship times. Able to complete the following test sets: 10x100 free on 1:40; 4x200IM on 3:50; & 1000 kick under 20:00. Compete in multiple USA Swimming sanctioned meets throughout the season.


Senior II Coaches:  Madison Strathman / Kyle Martin