It's Your Choice

BT Aquatics does its best to provide a safe environment for your activities. You are responsible for making good choices. You are responsible for selecting the programs suited to your skills, abilities, and health. By electing to use the facilities and participate in BT Aquatics programs, you assume all risk for any harm or injury you sustain. By your voluntary participation as a participant or spectator, you could be injured. Take responsibility. Do not take risks or do activities that may not be appropriate. Ask questions. If you have any questions about your health and how it might be affected by exercise or other activities at the BT Theisen Pool, contact your doctor and obtain permission before participating. A complete physical is recommended before beginning any exercise program. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware of the presence of others while you participate. Do not engage in activities that could injure others. Report any unusual significant hazard during your presence or participation and remove yourself from participation. If you bring belongings, you are responsible for their care and safety. They could be lost, stolen, or damaged. Contact a BT staff member if you have any problems or concerns.


We rarely cancel events due to weather conditions. We often arrive long before the weather turns bad. We're already here, so we keep teaching, guarding, etc. We try to stick to our schedule whenever possible. Weather conditions can change quickly and can vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood. Whether to venture out on severe weather days is also your choice. 


You are responsible for making good choices for your family. 



Jimmy Parmenter

Aquatics Director

Office: 402.556.3772 ext. 1038

Email: [email protected]