BT Aquatics Locker Room Facilities & Use


The statements below are designed to inform patrons about our facilities, policies, and preferences in an effort to maintain a safe environment and guard personal privacy as well as to reduce the risk of misconduct in locker rooms an hallway changing booths.


The following is a description of our practice and competition facilities to allow athletes and their families to plan their use of the Brownell Talbot School Theisen Pool. This location has two individual hallway changing booths as well as separated male and female locker rooms dedicated to our athletes and families using the pool. the locker rooms contain group - not individual or private - shower and changing areas, and lockers. Locks are not provided. There are no family changing/shower/toilet rooms. We have no restrooms separate from the locker rooms. BT Raiders and BTCMR swimmers are provided storage lockers during their seasons. All other lockers are day-use only.

Locker Room & Hallway Changing Booth Etiquette

We prefer that children over the age of four use the appropriate male or female locker room or our hallway changing booths. Parents, please be considerate of other users when escorting your young child into an opposite-sex locker room to use the restroom or shower. The locker rooms are often crowded and at no time are appropriate places for horseplay. Our locker rooms are designed as group changing and shower areas. Sometimes patrons prefer to change in the toilet stalls. However, priority for the use of these stalls must always be given to those needing to use the toilets.

Lost & Found

Check your bags before you leave. Toiletries, hair grooming items, accessories, socks and underwear are treated as trash at the end of the day, not as Lost & Found items.  Lost and found items are disposed of regularly.


Teachers, coaches, and staff make every effort to recognize when a swimmer goes to the locker room during practice or lessons, and if they do not return in a timely fashion, will check on the swimmer's whereabouts.

Brownell Talbot hosts staggered practices, recreational swims, lap swim sessions, and lessons, with different groups arriving and departing throughout the day. All pool areas are open to the public and we do not monitor locker room usage at all times. Staff does make occasional sweeps of the locker rooms and spectator areas.

Electronic Devices

Brownell Talbot School prohibits the use of devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras, and video cameras in the locker rooms and hallway changing booths. 

Physical Education Class Security

The exterior doors to the pool areas are locked during all PE classes. Anyone entering the pool area during PE classes must enter through the interior doors leading from either the gym or the upper school hallway. Parents observing PE swimming must check in at the school main office.