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WEATHER POLICIES  - Click for BTCMR-specific Weather Announcements

Any time that Brownell Talbot School closes due to weather conditions, all aquatics events, lessons, Raiders and BTCMR practices, and public swim times are canceled. If severe weather threatens on a school day, check the news outlets. It's typically my call on Saturdays and other non-school days. To date, I have never canceled lessons due to weather when it was my decision. I want everyone to be safe, so there is always a possibility that I could make a call to close sometime. If I decide to close BT Aquatics separate from an all-school closing, or if I am given direction on a non-school day, I will notify KETV to post the cancelation. Check or check KETV on your television. 

Weather conditions can change quickly and can vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood. Whether to venture out on severe weather days is your choiceMake good choices for your family. Keep in mind that on non-school days the parking lot and sidewalks may not be cleared of snow. Be careful!    

We do not issue refunds or schedule make-ups for events canceled due to weather conditions. 

Family Swim times are included in swim school tuition. All families currently enrolled in a BT Aquatics Swim School session may swim during our Family Swim time on Saturdays for no additional charge. We recommend using this free swim time as another chance to practice if you have to miss a day because of bad weather. Family Swims are free for the whole family not just for the swimmers enrolled in the lessons. The admissions is $3 per person for those not members of your household.

Check the calendar. If we can find some time, I often add an extra Family Swim time following a pool closure due to weather.

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 WATCH YOUR STEP! The sidewalk outside the pool doors can be slippery. Also, the concrete sometimes rises and falls with the temperature. Be careful not to trip.