What Class is Right for YOUR child?

Class Descriptions

Parent and Tot Ages 6 months-3 years old (watch for announcements for this class)

FLSwimming and BT Swim School offer an introductory class for babies and toddlers ages 6 - 36 months and their parents.This water introduction program helps the parent and the child get used to the water and see the pool as fun. 

Parents and children play games that introduce basic introductory water skills such as blowing bubbles, breath control, kicking and floating.

The class focuses on water orientation and encourages parents and babies to trust each other in the water.

Parents must accompany the child in the water. Babies and toddlers who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.

Lifeguards are always on the pool deck during swim lessons.

Pre-School Ages 3-4 years old

Classes for Pre-School Ages 3-4 will emphasis on basic water skills and safety in a comfortable aquatic environment.  This class will help the children become confident in the water, expand on water safety skills and learn the beginner stroke.  This class will also refine beginner strokes and increase competency, be able to swim approx 20 feet and practice water safety.


Beginners Ages 5-12 years old

Beginner class for kids ages 5-12 years old focus on water adjustment, safety and the basics of freestyle.  Skills we  will work on include side breathing, body position and balance plus  introduction to backstroke


Intermediate/Advanced Ages 5-12 years old

This class expands on stroke technique.  Emphasis is on building endurance while they continue refinement of freestyle and backstroke, learning the breaststroke and introduction to butterfly.  This class also prepares swimmers for BT Swim Team