Dive Team:  Monthly Fee $160.00/AAU Annual Membership / $8.90 monthly admin fee

Monday & Friday’s-10am to 11am – times may vary due to school schedules

12 Participants Max




Swim & Dive Description : 25 Minutes of Swimming Instructions / 25 Minutes of Diving Instructions. The Swim & Dive program is intended to teach both proper swimming and diving skills. The class will encourage young athletes to improve motor skills, cardiovascular and muscular development. Athletes will learn the fundamentals of diving and improve their swimming strokes. 

12 Participants Max / Wednesday’s- 9:45 am to 10:45am / AAU Annual Membership /

Ages 8 to 14


Membership (September 1 - August 31)

Please sign up for AAU Membership online. You may want to print this information first and then follow the directions. This allows your child/diver to practice & compete in AAU meets and provides additional, required, insurance for your child/diver. Cost for membership is $16.00.

•  Go online to www.diveaau.org
•  Click the "JOIN AAU NOW" on the medal ribbon
•  Click the "JOIN NOW" - Athlete Category
•  Fill out Athlete information
•  Choose "Youth Program"
•  Membership Term: 1, 2 or 3 years - MUST select "Extended Coverage Membership" 
•  Under sport: choose DI-Diving
•  AAU club name is: BT Dive Team
•  Club Code: W3Y8TF
•  Click continue: pay by credit card online
•  You’ll receive a copy of diver’s membership online and via e-mail.

Please email us a copy of your AAU membership (see above). Please note that your child/diver will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE in practice or meets without an AAU Extended Coverage Membership.

Email: [email protected]


Link to registure for Dive Team and Swim and Dive Classes