Fremont Area Swim Team. "A community team that is driven to teach swimmers how to accomplish their goals, in and out of the water."

The Fremont Area Swim Team (FAST) is both a YMCA team and a registered USA Swimming team. FAST has been around for over 30 years at the Fremont Family YMCA. In 2013 Head Coach David Struble came to Fremont and helped take over and build the FAST swim team. In 2015 FAST became a dual-affiliated swim team which benefits both the YMCA side and the USA swimming side, we are able to compete in both leagues. With a lot of help from a parent-run board, we have built the swim team from 20 swimmers in 2013, to close to 100 swimmers currently. The mission of the FAST swim team is to get as many swimmers involved around the Fremont area, and also learn the skills and techniques that go along with it. 

In 2018 the Dillon Family Aquatics Center was completed at the Fremont Family YMCA. It is the newest pool in Nebraska since 2005, and one of the only few 50 meter pools in the state of Nebraska. With the ability to run 12 lanes SCY, and also 6 lanes LCM, it makes for a very diverse and FAST pool. Myrtha pool company is one of the top pool companies in the world. The last 4 Olympic Trials and Olympics are swam in Myrtha pools. The Fremont Family YMCA is very fortunate to have such an amazing facility where we can develop our swimmers and create long lasting memories.

FAST competes in the YMCA of Nebraska Aquatic League, also under Midwestern Swimming which is a region of USA Swimming. The Team competes in several different regional and national championships throughout the year. FAST is located at the Dillon Family Aquatics Center of the Fremont Family YMCA which is located in Fremont, Nebraska. Fremont High school, and Midland University swim teams also train at the Dillon Family Aquatics Center. 

2021-2022 Group Rates

Bronze (entry level)= $35/month

Silver = $45/month

Gold= $75/month 

Senior= $100/month