Located in Fremont, Nebraska

                               XI. TEAM RULES
FAST Club team rules are intended to ensure that every member can be
successful in achieving goals, and reach those goals in a safe manner. Swimmers
are expected to know the rules and obey them. Coaches are expected to know the
rules and enforce them. All FAST Club swimmers should understand the following
1. Posted rules at all pools where our team practices and where we attend meets
must be obeyed. Remember that every action a swimmer takes will reflect
back on the team, parents, coaches and our program. We expect our
swimmers to make a great impression!
2. Swimmers must be on time for all practices and meets. This includes all
dryland activities.
3. Swimmers bring all their required equipment to each practice.
4. Swimmers must check with the FAST or SO coaches before and after each event during
a meet.
5. Abusive or foul language by swimmers, coaches or parents will not be
acceptable at any time.
6. Swimmers must treat parents, coaches, officials and other swimmers and
opponents with respect and consideration at all times.
7. When a coach talks, the swimmers’ eyes and ears must be above the water
pointed toward the coach, and the voice must be off.
8. Never sit on kickboards or lane ropes.
9. Care for all equipment in the facility. Use it appropriately and carefully at all
10. No gum in the pool!!!