Fremont Area Swim Team. "A community team that is driven to teach swimmers how to accomplish their goals, in and out of the water."


David Struble

Fremont Area Swim Team 2020-2021 FAQ 


How do I know my child is ready for swim team? Contact a coach on the FAST Coaching staff and ask for an evaluation. It will be a quick 20-30-minute session where the coach will run the swimmer through a few different drills, and basic skills to see what the best group recommendation would be for your child. 


Where do I find out more information on swim team? You can find Registration information, practice schedule, news, updates, and more! 


How do I register my swimmer for swim team? When your swimmer has been evaluated and a coach has communicated which group the swimmer belongs in, it is time to register! You register at Click the “2020-2021 Season Register here” button. You will go through a few steps, fill out parent contact info, you will have put a credit card on file by the end of registration. Make sure you select the correct group your swimmer is in at the registration page. 


What are the fees and monthly dues?  

  • During the Registration process, you will be required to pay for a $74 USA Swimming membership. Every swimmer must be a registered USA swimmer due to insurance reasons; it is an annual fee done once per year 

  • There is also a $10 YMCA league fee each swimmer must pay to belong in the YMCA league each season.  

  • Each month you will be billed the specific group rate your swimmer is a part of. The month you first register, you do not owe that first months dues. 


Who is in charge of the billing process? Dwayne Jesse is a long time FAST parent, board member, and one of our Administrative Officials when we run swim meets. Dwayne has been doing the FAST billing through our website for over 4 years. Any questions on the billing side of things you can kindly ask Dwayne. 


What time are practices for each group? *Morning practices will be available TBD. Saturday practices will become available in a few weeks. 

  • Stroke School= Tuesday and Thursdays 5pm-5:45pm. 

  • Bronze Group= Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5:30pm-6:30pm 

  • Silver Group= Every day Monday through Friday 6pm-7:15pm 

  • Gold Group= Every day Monday through Friday 4pm-5:30pm 

  • Senior Group= Every day Monday through Friday 4pm-5:30pm 



 Are practices required to attend? No, we are aware of how busy families can get with their weekly schedules, school, and other activities. Try and find a good routine to attend practice as much as you can. 


What swimming equipment is required for practiceMake sure your swimmer has a pair of goggles for each practice. Swim caps are optional. Swimmer may purchase their own pair of fins, equipment back, kick board, snorkel, if they wish. The YMCA provides flippers and kick boards to borrow. 


What type of swim meets does FAST attend? FAST is a dual-affiliated year round swim program. We participate in the YMCA swim league, along with several other Nebraska YMCA’s. We also are able to swim in USA Swim meets which are held in Omaha, Lincoln, and Elkhorn. Some USA meets require time standards, and also require fees to swim in these meets. 


Does FAST host any swim meets? Yes, we have hosted several. We are currently planning on running a few USA meets and a couple YMCA meets. Due to COVID there are not a lot of meets on the schedule right now.  


The practice time doesn’t work for my child, can they swim in a different group? The main rule I am going to enforce is that a child can always swim down a practice group, but cannot swim up due to scheduling. For example, if a Gold grouper cannot attend 4pm practice, they are welcome to join Silver group at 6pm. Any other unique requests, ask Coach David. 


Can I join the team anytime throughout the year? Yes, we are a year-round sport, so we have a lot of swimmers that are involved in other sports. For example, since people do Cross country, or football, they might wait to start swimming until November or December when that sport is finished. 


Is there a team-suit I can purchase? Yes there will be a team suit available to order very soon.  


What precautions are being taken due to COVID-19? Everyone that uses the YMCA must sign an adult or minor waiver. Temperatures checks are required upon entering the Aquatics Center. Coaches are required to wear masks when 6ft apart is not possible. Lanes will be split on each side to provide more space in the lanes for the swimmers. 


Can parents stay and watch practice? Yes, the upstairs bleachers are now open for parents. If you have a question for a coach, PLEASE ask before or after practice is completed. No parents on the pool deck during practice.