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FAST Fall/Winter Info!

David Struble

Hello FAST Families!

Key notes before getting back in the water…

  1. 2021-2022 Registration opens on Monday! All swimmers will have to re-new their USA membership, which will be done through our website. $74 Reg fee/swimmer.
  2. New rates for each group (we dropped down rates last year due to covid protocols and lack of meets, these are our regular rates we have had in the past)
    1. Bronze= $30/month
    2. Silver= $40/month
    3. Gold= $70/month
    4. Senior= $95/month
  3. All RETURNING swimmers can start on August 16th. We will do evaluations at this time to see if there are any group changes.
    1. Gold/Senior= MWF mornings 5:30-6:45am. Mon-Thursday afternoons 4pm-5:45pm. (We will be lifting weights in the afternoons, practice times could change).
    2. Silver = 6pm-7:15pm (offered everyday M-F)
    3. Bronze = 6pm-7pm (offered everyday M-F)
  4. NEW SWIMMERS to the team: we will have a new swimmer orientation the week of Aug 23-26th from 6pm-7pm. We will run evaluations to see which group they fit in best at this time.
  5. I am assembling our Meet schedule now; we definitely will have plenty of meets available each month this season!
  6. Pass the flier along to families or swimmers you might think are interested in joining swim team!