Third level - Black
Ages 9-14.  Has competitive swimming experience.

Able to interact socially with athletes of different ages and abilities.

Displays responsibility and respect.

Good listening skills, wants to learn. Knows importance of maintaining focus. 

Can remember sets and focus on drills. Carries over to next practice.

Developing self confidence. Some self motivation.

Can understand the need for constructive criticism.

Able to handle higher expectations.  

Can learn to set goals and process needed to reach them.

Needs to learn importance of other factors: nutrition, sleep, and time management.



Proficient in all 4 competitive strokes and related starts and turns.

Can do some work without constant supervision. 

Enjoys challenges.  Able to do more distance and harder sets.

Knows and can follow proper practice procedures including: warm-up, correct starting and finishing procedures, and turns.

Greater understanding of sets and use of pace clock, controlling tempo.

Better understanding of pace and how much effort is required in each set.

Able to begin use of equipment such as bricks, and buckets.

Able to learn more advanced drills and the importance of perfecting form.     

Helps with set up and clean up of practice area.

Practice requirements 3-4 per week minimum.                                          



Has swam all 4 strokes and IM in competition without disqualification.

Knows proper warmup.

Knows swim meet procedures and has competitive experience at championship level.

Able to focus on races, makes use of pre-race suggestions

Knows to talk to coaches before and after each race.   

Uses lessons/skills learned in practice to improve performance in competitions.

Remembers performance issues and improves them at practices. 

Meet commitment 1-3 per month minimum, plus championship meets.