Beginning Group – QS1


Ages 10 and younger.  Has no previous or limited competitive swimming experience.

Can function in a group setting. 

Understands the meaning of responsibility and respect.

Has ability to listen to and comprehend basic instructions.  

Is interested and wants to learn.

Able to comprehend basic purpose of practice and competitions.



Knows and can follow safety rules.

Able to follow basic practice structure guidelines.                                                                     

Can consistently swim, unaided, 25m of freestyle and backstroke.

Able to attempt breaststroke and butterfly. 

Able to stay on task for 5-10 minutes.

Retains some information from previous practices. 

Responsible for own belongings and willing to help with set up and cleanup of practice area.

Practice commitment 2-3 times per week minimum.                                 



Willing to learn general meet procedures.

Can overcome fear, able to have fun.

Understands general rules for each of their races. 

Learning to rely on coaches for meet guidance. 

Can learn something from each swim meet experience. 

Meet commitment 0-1 meets per month minimum.