Top level - Senior
Must be age 12 or older.  Has qualified for MW championships or high school swimming experience.

Is able to work with and interact socially with older athletes.

Responsible for self, respects others.

Listens well, able to focus on task at hand.

Can understand and apply complex directions.

Able to supply coherent feedback on sets/skills.

Handles criticism well and understands its purpose.

Can deal with pressure of higher expectations.

Able to set goals and understands work necessary to reach them.

Understands importance of other factors:   nutrition, sleep, and time management.



Can do work without constant supervision.  Self motivated.  Works hard, persistent.

Expected to understand and follow proper practice procedures including:  warm-up, correct starting and finishing procedure, intervals, turns, underwaters, passing, and maintaining order/flow.

Understands sets and use of pace clock.

Understands the importance of drills/stroke work.

Able to handle high volume workouts and intense sets.

Able to handle twice daily workouts.

Willing to do extra work if needed.

Can handle work with equipment such as bricks, buckets, and paddles.

Knows importance of drills and is able to focus on perfecting form.    

Helps with set up and cleanup of practice area.

Practice requirements 4-5 per week minimum.                                          



Proficient in all competitive strokes, starts, and turns.

Knows and can execute all basic stroke drills. (warm-up list)

Knows meet protocol at championship level meets.

Able to formulate and accomplish race strategy.

Communicates with coach before/after races.

Able to plan for competition in advance and have maximum focus during competition.

Learns from each race, is able to apply lessons during training for next competition.

Meet requirements determined by coaches plus championship meets.