Second level – Silver


Ages 8 -12.  Has some competitive swimming experience.

Is able to interact with athletes of different ages and abilities.

Shows development of responsibility and respect.

Good listening skills, not easily distracted. Developing focus. 

Has attention span and memory to retain directions.

Beginning to understand the need for constructive criticism.

Understands expectations are advancing and can adapt to new levels.

Can learn to set goals and processes needed to reach them.



Can swim all 4 competitive strokes reasonably well.

Can do correct starts and turns for all competitive strokes.

Ability to work with lower levels of supervision.  Willing to work hard and learn.

Knows and can follow proper practice procedures.                      

Beginning to understand sets and use of pace clock.

Able to handle more distance and longer practices.

Able to learn drills and the importance of form work.    

Helps with set up and clean up of practice area.

Practice commitment 2-3 per week minimum.                                      



Can attempt all four competitive strokes, starts, and turns.

Able to learn basic warm-up plus stroke drills.

Needs less help with swim meet procedures.  

More focus on races, has some expectations but not stressed.

Learning to rely on coaches at meets. 

Beginning to understand better practices equal better meet results.

Meet commitment 1-2 per month minimum, plus championship meets.