Grand Island YMCA Quicksilver (Hg) Swim Team

What is Midwesterns?

Midwestern Swimming is one of 59 LSCs of USA Swimming. The geographic area includes all of Nebraska, except the Panhandle region, and includes the western two tiers of counties in Iowa. 

Midwestern Championship Meet: Short Course (Fall/Winter/Spring) is held in March at the end of season and Long Course (Summer) is in July. These meets require qualifying times to participate. To see how your swimmers times compare go to MY ACCOUNT> MY MEET RESULTS.  Next to the green highlighted "Standards" you can drop down and choose "(MW) 20__: SC Cuts" or "(MW) 20__ LC Cuts."  Also, under the "Qualifying Times" tab in purple, at the top of this page, you can view the Midwestern (MW) Time Standards for both seasons as well as other meet qualifying times. YMCA Meets do not qualify for MW times unless otherwise specified.  Typically, any meet with a fee attached will give your swimmer the opportunity to make a MW cut. This is a great goal for interested swimmers as it gives them something tangible to work toward.