1. The use of locker rooms or any other restroom/changing rooms that GNST uses is a privilege granted to all athletes on the team. GNST coaching staff and non-athlete members of the team have the privilege of using these facilities under USA Swimming Safe Sport compliance.

    1. LPS pool adjacent locker rooms are closed to the general public during the time of a team practice and during the course of a USA sanctioned swim meet.

    2. Lincoln Park and Rec locker room facilities are semi-open during team practice and open to the public during the course of a USA sanctioned swim meet. As such, there are likely to be people who are not associated with GNST in the changing areas around the time of practice and meets

    3. GNST travel meets: The team will follow all rules and regulations in place at out of town facilities.

  2. Locker rooms are to be used for changing, showering, and using restrooms only. There should be no hanging around and loitering in the locker room areas.

  3. GNST locker room privileges may be revoked at any time, for any reason, based on the Coaching staff’s discretion.

  4. Food/eating in the locker rooms is prohibited per LPS policy. Keep food and hydration on the pool deck or in the stands.

  5. Horseplay and misbehavior in the locker room areas is NOT tolerated and can be followed up by disciplinary actions if needed from the GNST coaching staff.

  6. Bullying and or harassment of ANY kind will NOT be tolerated in the locker room areas and will be followed up by disciplinary actions from the GNST coaching staff. Parents of those involved will be included in all actions.

  7. Monitoring: Coaches and staff make every effort to recognize when an athlete goes to the locker room or changing area during practice and competition and, if they do not return in a timely fashion, we will check on the athlete’s whereabouts.  

  8. USE OF CELL PHONES AND OTHER MOBILE RECORDING DEVICES Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras increase the risk for different forms of misconduct in locker rooms and changing areas.  The USA Swimming Athlete Protection Policies prohibit the use of such devices in the locker room or other changing area:   Rule: 305.3 Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone camera, is not allowed in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.

  9. Members of GNST are guests at any facility we use for training and competing. Our team goal is to ensure that locker rooms and changing areas are kept clean, safe, and functional; before, during, and after all team activities. As a member of the team it is your responsibility to follow these rules and guidelines. If you see or hear any of the above prohibited behavior please report these concerns to an HLA staff member.

  10. Thank you for doing your part to help keep our restrooms and changing areas safe and protected.