GNST- Group Expectations

White:                Age:  6-8 years

Prerequisite:     Complete 25 yds. of free and back unassisted

Participation:    Attend 2 practices/week

             Compete in one, in-town meet to gain experience with racing

Expectations:    Working to become legal in all 4 strokes

                          Mastering freestyle turn, starts from the blocks


Pink:                   Age:  7-10 years

Prerequisite:     Proficient in all 4 strokes, freestyle turn, starts from the block

                          Complete 50 yds. of free, back, breast

Participation:    Attend 2-3 practices/week

                          Compete in several in-town meets

Expectations:    Able to complete 100 yds. of free, back, breast, IM legally

                          Mastering backstroke turn


Gray:                  Age:  9-14 years

Prerequisite:     Complete 100 yds. of free, back, breast, IM, 50-75 yds. fly

                           Proficient in starts and turns

Participation:    Attend 3-4 practices/week

                          Compete in most in-town, and some out-of-town meets

Expectations:    Able to complete 200 yds. of free, back, breast, IM, 100 yds. of fly

                          Working towards D1 cuts

                          Understands the concept of interval training and pace work


Silver:                 Age:  10-15 years

Prerequisite:     D1 cuts

                          Exhibits a genuine commitment to swim excellence

Participation:    4-5 practices/week, Sat am’s

                          Compete in most meets, both in and out-of-town

Expectations:    Striving to compete at D1’s, Zones, All-Stars meets

                          Understands the concept of goal setting, strives to reach those goals


Black:                 Age:  13+ years

Prerequisite:     High school-aged swimmer

                          Understands commitment, goal setting, hard work, accountability

Participation:    4-5 practices/week

                          Compete in home meets, travel when possible

Expectations:    Proficient in IM training

                          Commitment to the sport of swimming


Gold:                    Age:  14+ years

Prerequisites:    High school-aged swimmer

                           Sectional "bonus" cut

                           Understands and exhibits maturity required to compete at the highest level

Participation:     5-6 practices/week, Sat am's (summer: 2-a-days)

Expectations:     Compete in 90% of all qualified meets, including travel meets

                           Compete at highest level meets: Sectionals, Futures, Junior/Senior Nationals