What to Expect at a Swim Meet

Swim meets are fun events where swimmers are able to represent their team, compete in the pool, track their personal progress, and enjoy time with teammates. HLA swimmers sit together on the pool deck or in a designated "crash" area. 

HLA swimmers should be proud to represent their team. Heartland Aquatics requires HLA team suits for participation in swim meets. Team suits can be purchased from Swim Quik. HLA also requires that all swimmers wear the white, HLA meet cap at all swim meets. Each swimmer will be given an official meet cap when they join the team.

Prior to the swim meet, an HLA coach will email warm-up times. Please ensure that your swimmers are on the pool deck 10-15 minutes prior to warm up times.

When packing for a swim meet, pack warm clothes, extra towels, caps, googles, light snacks, and plenty of hydration. At meets, swimmers are required to wear shoes or sandals whenever walking on and off deck.

Wear your team gear and cheer loud.