Gold Group

Composed of High school aged athletes who are focused on scoring at the MW Championship Meet and qualifying for Sectionals and beyond. Gold Groups minimum criteria for entry is (1) Sectional time standard and a desire to be competitive at the National level.

The top Gold Group swimmers focus on qualifying for USA Swimming Grand Prix Series, Junior Nationals, Nationals, Olympic Trials and swimming at the collegiate level. Minimum attendance average of 90% and attendance to all Dry-land Training sessions must be maintained.


Required Equipment 

·       Swim Cap (optional for boys)

·       Goggles

·       Water Bottle

·       Finis Tempo Trainer

·       Finis Agility Paddles

·       Dry-land Clothing: HLA T-Shirt, Shorts and Tennis Shoes (Monday - Friday)

·       HLA Team Suit required for in-season competition


Lead Coach: Sam Bach


Practice Sessions: M-F 90-120 Minutes In-Water Training Sessions with 30 Minutes Dry-land Sessions 4 days per week. Saturday practices consist of 120 minutes of In-Water Training.


HLA requires 90% average monthly attendance, swimming in the seasonal team travel meet (Region VIII Sectional Championships or higher), and the MW Championship Meet every season.