Woods Park Pool

Woods Park Pool

Heartland Aquatics practices in LPS facilities during the school year, training primarily at Lincoln Southeast High School.

Based on LPS availability, the team also uses Lincoln Northeast, Lincoln High, Lincoln East, Lincoln North Star, and Lincoln Southwest. 

LSE - Lincoln Southeast
Address: 2930 S 37th Street. 
Use the north entrance off of Van Dorn Street - Prasch Activities Center. Door #9.

LHS - Lincoln High
Address: 2229 J Street. 
Enter off of Randolph street near baseball field on South side of the school. Door #29.

LNS - Lincoln North Star
Address: 5801 North 33rd Street. 
Enter through south doors near gyms.

LNE - Lincoln Northeast
Address: 2635 N 63rd St.  
Enter through the doors on East corner, at top of stairs. Door #38

LE - Lincoln East
Address: 1000 South 70th Street. 
North side of the building. You will need to park in the North parking lot and walk around a portion of the building towards the back of the school. Door #14

LSW - Lincoln Southwest
Address: 7001 S 14th Street. 
Enter through southwest doors near gyms. Door #3

Heartland Aquatics practices at Woods Park Pool mornings during the summer (Long Course).

Woods Park Pool
3200 J Street
The pool entrance is on 33rd and J, South of the Tennis Center.
Using this facility for practice requires swimmers to a pass through Lincoln Parks and Rec. Passes can be purchased by the day or for the full season.