Swimmers have the following items for practice:

All swimmers:

  • Swim suit (one piece for girls, jammers or breifs for boys). It is ideal to have a backup suit with you.
  • Practice swim caps (White, HLA meet caps should not be worn at practice. They should be saved for swim meets.)
  • Kickboard
  • Goggles (and back up goggles)
  • 1-2 beach or bath towels
  • Water bottle

AGT+ should have all items listed above, and:

  • Pull buoy
  • Dryland clothes/shoes as scheduled

Bronze/Silver/Navy+ should have all itmes listed above, and:

  • Finis Agility Paddles or Stokemaker Paddles

Gold should have all items listed above, and:

  • Finis Tempo Trainer

Bags: Many of our swimmer choose to carry their items in a swim backpack. Some additionally carry a mesh bag for wet items.

Heartland Aquatics is sponsored by Speedo, and we highly recomend swimmers purchase speedo products when possible. All required practice gear and equipment can be purchased through Swim Quik. Swim Quik is our official vendor for HLA apparel and equipment.