Heartland Aquatics offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of Heartland Aquatics to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.


ThunderSharks is our entry level group at Heartland Aquatics. This group’s primary focus is refining freestyle and backstroke, learning breaststroke and butterfly, race starts, turns and having fun. Swimmers learn to read a pace clock, swimming set language, understanding “drag” and how to reduce it, sportsmanship, nutritional needs of young swimmers and the importance of setting goals.

HLA recommends a minimum of 3 practices/week and at least 1 meet a season in this group.

Age Group Team

From the ThunderSharks, athletes move into Age Group Team. Athletes in this group focus on continued refinement of all 4 competitive strokes, having fun, perfecting start/turn technique and introducing longer aerobic swimming and kicking during practice. This group begins to develop personal goal sheets, further understanding of drag forces, nutrition for athletes, perfecting underwater dolphin kick (the 5th stroke) and underwater pullouts for breaststroke. Dryland training is incorporated into practices at this level.

HLA recommends a minimum of 3 practices/week and 1 meet a month in this group.


From Age Group Team, athletes move into the Bronze group. This group has the continued focus of stroke technique, while incorporating race pace training and strategy in addition to more advance aerobic training. Swimmers in this group participate in intensive dry-land training. 

HLA recommends a minimum of 4 practices/week and 1 meet a month in this group.


The Siver group is the highest level for pre-highschool swimmers. Swimmers in this group have goals of scoring at the Midwestern Championship Meet, qualifying for the Midwest All-star Meet, Central Zone Championship and Region VIII Sectional Championship.

HLA recommends a minimum of 4 practices/week and 1 meet a month in this group.


Navy group is for our high school swimmers. This group includes those who are participating in high school pre-season training (September through November) and return after the HS season through the end of the Short Course Season. Athletes in this group maintain the same training focuses as Bronze/Silver.

HLA recommends a minimum of 4 practices/week and 1 meet a month in this group.


HLA's Gold group is composed of high school aged athletes who are focused on scoring at the MW Championship Meet and qualifying for Sectionals and beyond. Gold Groups minimum criteria for entry is (1) Sectional time standard and a desire to be competitive at the National level.

The top Gold Group swimmers focus on qualifying for USA Swimming Grand Prix Series, Junior Nationals, Nationals, Olympic Trials and swimming at the collegiate level.

Minimum attendance average of 90% and attendance to all Dry-land Training sessions.