ThunderSharks are our entry level group at Heartland Aquatics. This group’s primary focus is refining freestyle and backstroke, learning breaststroke and butterfly, race starts, turns and having fun. Swimmers learn to read a pace clock, swimming set language, understanding “drag” and how to reduce it, sportsmanship, nutritional needs of young swimmers and the importance of setting goals.

Swimmers must meet the minimum requirements to join the ThunderSharks.


Minimum Requirements:

·       1 x 50 yard continuous freestyle swim

·       2 x 25 yard continuous backstroke swims

·       1 x 50 yard continuous flutterkick on the back in streamline position


ThunderShark Lead Coach: Coach JoMac

ThunderShark Assistant Coaches: Coach Sam

Practice Sessions: M-F, 60 Minutes

HLA recommends a minimum of 3 practices/week and at least 1 meet a season in this group.


Swimmer Gear
HLA requires that all swimmers have the following items for practice and meets, as outlined below:

Boys: 2 or more jammers or briefs

Girls: 2 or more one-piece suits

All swimmers:

  • 2 or more practice caps

  • 2 or more HLA swim meet caps (these are different from practice caps and worn only at competition)

  • Kickboard

  • 2 sets of goggles

  • 1-2 beach or bath towels

  • Water bottle