Team Suits, Caps, and Apparel . . .

Team Caps and Suits
Custom white team meet caps, practice caps, team suits (Speedo Perfomance+ polyester in very cool navy, with gold, white trim and an HLA logo) an can be ordered through the Heartland Aquatics Team Home Page by clicking on the logo or by clicking here: HLA- Swim Quik Note that our cool team suites are highly recommended, but not required.


If you need practice suits, goggles, or other swim gear throughout the year please consider purchasing these items from the Heartland Aquatics Team Page at  HLA- Swim Quik , as well.



Team Apparel

Team apparel is usually sold twice per year in the Spring and Fall.  All swimmers receive one free HLA T-shirt upon joining the team and one per year after that.  The selection of apparel varies, but typically includes team logo shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, quarter zips, and some special items (hats, unique T-shirts, beach towels, water bottles, etc.).