The Aquatic Club of Elkhorn (ACE) is a USA Swimming registered swim team located in Elkhorn, Nebraska.  We offer training and competition for swimmers of various skill levels.  Our athletes must have a strong performance of all the strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly). Our program is not designed to teach young people how to swim.  The team trains September through July, with a two week break the end of March to beginning of April. 

ACE trains at Common Ground Recreation and Aquatic Center (1701 Veterans Drive).  The pool is 25 yards, 8 lanes and has locker rooms available for use by ACE members.  The pool is equipped with a Daktronic Timing System with an 8-lane readout scoreboard and relay judging platforms/reaction pads for each lane.  ACE swimmers do not have to be a member of Common Ground.  For more information about the facilities you may call Common Ground at 402-289-0451. 

ACE is a not for profit organization run by an elected parent Board of Directors. Our financial health can be viewed on Charity Navigator or Guidestar.  Additional information regarding our financial statements will be provided by request.