The Aquatic Club of Elkhorn (ACE) Board of Directors is a parent run, not for profit governing body responsible for creating and managing a financially sound competitive swimming program and providing administrative guidance and support to the coaching staff for the daily operation of ACE through long term strategic planning to assure that ACE Swimming remains viable for many years to come. 

The ACE Board is composed of four executive officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and five members at large.  

Elections for board positions are held at the annual parent meeting in the Fall.  Please contact any board member for additional information regarding board position nominations.

All members are welcome to attend the monthly Board Meetings upon request to the Board president and are encouraged to be involved in team activities.



John Elder

Board President

[email protected]

Swimmer currently in Elite group; Has been involved with ACE since 2016

Tricia Hultgren

   Vice President /   ACE Safe Sport Chair

[email protected]

Swimmers currently in Novice and Silver groups; Has been with ACE since 2018

Laura Thoreen


Swimmers currently in the Bronze groups;  Has been with ACE since 2014

Emily Williams


  Swimmer in the Bronze group; Has been with ACE since 2018

Bob Bossert

Member at Large

Swimmers currently in the Black group; Has been with ACE since 2017.

Steve Henderson

Member at Large

Swimmer currently in the Silver group.  Has been with ACE since 2017.

Christian Kloster

Member at Large

Swimmer currently in the Silver group and a past ACE swimmer who is now in college.  Has been with ACE since 2014.

Kristi Sanger

Member at Large

  Swimmer in the Green group; Has been with ACE since 2020.



Nicole Skudlarek

Member at Large

Swimmers currently in Green and Bronze groups; Has been with ACE since 2018.




Kim Berndt

ACE Head Coach

Non-Voting Member


Leslie Mayo

ACE Club Manager

Non-Voting Member


Board Committees

Facilities: Acquires necessary pool space to support the program and ensures safety and quality of that pool space.

Finance: Provides financial oversight of the team from managing reserves to ongoing operational viability. Provides recommendations to the Board to ensure fiscal health of the team is maintained.

Fundraising: Responsible for developing and managing fundraising opportunities in order to help keep membership affordable for ACE families; includes portions of our largest fundraiser, the ACE hosted swim meets.

Member Satisfaction: Includes soliciting feedback from current members formally through survey and informally through discussions with parents.

Safety: Coordinates both USA Swimming and US Center for Safe Sport programming to ensure whole team compliance so all members can interact in a safe environment. 

Social: Responsible for developing the team bonding/ social activities that help develop team unity and spirit. This would include the banquet, group parents and any other programs that help make ACE a fun activity for swimmers and families.