Fall Dryland Training w/ First Pick Performance

Leslie Mayo
Aug 13, 2019

1513 N 203rd Street  

(Located southwest of Elkhorn Common Ground  behind Jenson Tire - Elkhorn)


ACE swimmers (Explorers through Seniors) have the opportunity to participate in a highly recommended, but optional dryland training program.  This optional dryland training program is in addition to the swimmers workouts at Common Ground.


Swimmers meet for dryland twice a week to work on coordination, speed and agility, mobility, explosiveness, and all around strength by doing weight bearing exercises, resistance training, flexibility training, and movement patterns focused specifically for competitive swimmers. 




        Physical Development

  • Increasing body awareness to adjust in the water more efficiently.
  • Develop energy systems for a better conditioned and more explosive swimmer.
  • Decreasing the probability and risk of injury through preventative exercise and muscular conditioning.




        Mental/Personal Development

  • Sessions aimed to relieve stress, cultivate teamwork, and provide a fun environment to train outside of the pool.
  • Swimmers will gain confidence in themselves and their abilities as they see their performances improve in the water.
  • FIRST PICK Coaches provide secondary reinforcement to help athletes grow as individuals in competition and the challenges of every day life.

This optional training program for ACE athletes begins

the week of Aug 19th or the week of Sept 9th depending on group, 

and runs through mid-November


Details about schedule, pricing, billing, sign up, etc.