We Need ACE Parents to become Swim Meet Officials!

Leslie Mayo


•  Do you enjoy getting involved with youth sports? 

•  Do you want to make sure ACE kids can have meets? 

•  Would you like an easy way to fulfill your family’s ACE MeetCREW volunteer hours?

•  Would you like to get to know other swim parents from ACE and other swim clubs in the area?

•  Would you like to gain a fuller understanding of swimming and youth sports in general?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider becoming an official for ACE and Midwestern Swimming.


Midwestern Swimming is hosting a 

no-obligation clinic for parents interested in becoming USA Swimming officials



Steve Marchitell, MWS Officials Chair





Common Questions:


Does ACE really need Meet Officials?  YES!!!  With the many changes that have taken place since March 2020 due to COVID-19, ACE needs officials more than ever. The short term future of meets will consist of virtual meets and smaller intrasquad or dual meets. Thus we will need a significant number of parents across all age groups to become officials in order for ACE to be able to conduct meets for our swimmers.


Do you need have been a competitive swimmer?   NO. 


Do you need to have been with ACE for a period of time?

NO.  Becoming an Official is actually a great way for swim parents to get involved in the club and to learn about competitive swimming.  


What is required to become a Stroke & Turn Judge?

    1  Sign up with the MWS Officials Chair, Steve Marchitelli. You may contact him by email at smarchitelli@cox.net.

    2  Attend a stroke & turns officials training clinic via Zoom.

    3  Become a Non-Athlete Member of USA Swimming. ACE will reimburse your expenses to become an Official upon receipt of your certification. Contact the ACE Club Manager to learn more about how ACE supports our Officials.

    4  You will receive a rulebook and other materials related to training. Take and pass an open-book online test.

    5  Work as an apprentice with experienced Officials on deck at four sessions of sanctioned competition (a meet such as the ACE River Races).  This is easy to complete, just schedule with the Meet referee when your child is signed up to swim a meet.


Do I have to be a Stroke & Turn Official or is there another type of Official needed?

If you are not interested in being a Stroke & Turn Official, there is always a need for Administrative Officials. Administrative Officials (also known as AO's) are much needed officials.  These individuals either run the computer system's meet management software at the timing table, or works along side the computer operator to ensure that all the swimmers' times are correct when results are finalized in order to send onto the USA Swimming SWIMS database as the swimmer's official recorded time.  


When will you work? 

When you choose to! All MWS Officials are encouraged to work any session of any meet that they might normally be attending anyway


Still have questions? 

Feel free to reach out to one of ACE’s Stroke & Turn Official parents.

Kim Schmidt       tahoedreamer64@gmail.com       402-651-8551

Diana Meyer       dmeyer@epsne.org                     402-697-8624

Jim Hall              jchalls1@yahoo.com                   402-707-6226

Tanya Langton    tanyalangton@hotmail.com         402-598-0127