IMPORTANT: Things to know about ACE practices during the month of March

Leslie Mayo

ACE Parents, Swimmers and Coaches ~

Starting Monday, March 1st, the ACE practice times change to our new schedule since the high school swim team practices will have ended. With this change in practice times, ACE will get a couple more lanes for the kids to further spread out in the water. Check out the ACE website > Swimmer Resources > Practice Times or the practice group calendar.


Beginning Wednesday, February 24th, the COVID -19 Practice Sign Up link WILL NOT be available for March practices. During the month of March, ACE will be evaluating our transition back to practices without the practice sign ups. If all goes well, we hope to no longer need the weekly practice sign up link and rationing of practice days going forward. 

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we ask our ACE athletes to continue with the following guidelines:

  • arrive and leave in their swimsuits,
  • enter and leave through the swim meet entrance doors,
  • wear facial masks until they are ready to enter the pool, 
  • refrain from locker room use for anything other than restroom purposes,
  • continue to monitor their health status - we will still check temperatures when the swimmers arrive, 
  • do not attend practices or meets if not feeling well or showing any COVID related symptoms,
  • if any member of your family is not feeling well, we strongly suggest the swimmer stay home from practice as a precaution to stop the spread of any potential illness. 

The kids and coaches are doing a great job with physically distancing at practices. Keep it up!


March is "Challenge & Championship" month. The Midwestern Area Challenge meet will be March 13-14, we hope your swimmer is signed up. The deadline to sign up is quickly approaching (Sunday, Feb 28th).


Did you know our ACE swimmers and coaches have an annual Spring Break at the conclusion of their short course swim meet season? The majority of the ACE team will be on vacation from practices starting Monday, March 15 through Sunday, April 4th. 

The Senior group and those swimmers selected to compete in the Midwestern 14 & Under Short Course Championship meet on March 20-21 will have practices the week of March 15th in final preparation for this meet. The coaches will update you as to the special practice times for the week of March 15th. These swimmers will then be on Spring Break starting Monday, March 22nd.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the March schedule, etc. please reach out to the ACE Club Manager at [email protected] or your swimmer's coach.