2022 Midwestern Swimming Championships Qualifying Times Announced

Leslie Mayo

Midwestern Swimming has released the qualifying times for both the 2022 MW Short Course Championship meet on March 18-20, 2022 and the MW Long Course Championship meet scheduled for late July 2022.

The 2022 Midwestern Swimming Qualifying Times are broken into qualifying times for each age group and the type of pool - short course 25 yd (SCY), long course 50 meter (LCM), or short course 25 meter (SCM). ACE swimmers typically compete in 25 yd / SCY pools or 50 m/ LCM pools.

Additionally the qualifying times are then broken into A-cut and B-cut qualifying times.

A = Automatic qualifying times for the championship meet.

B = Secondary qualifying times. Swimmers with B-cuts will be used to fill to maximum allowable heats per event based upon the meet information. Note: In some circumstances it is possible for a swimmer to have a B-cut and not be seeded into a championship meet event based upon the number of swimmers in a given event that exceeds the maximum allowable heats.
Yellow - times that have been updated for 2022 to meet the USA Swimming NAG minimum BB time standard.