ACE Nutrition Talk - Fueling Tactics

Leslie Mayo

ACE Swimmers & Parents


Join us for the Nutrition Seminar,

Fueling Tactics®

presented by the Sports Nutritionists from Xplosive Edge



Tuesday, January 25th at 6:00 - 7:30 PM


The Mark

20902 Cumberland Drive, Elkhorn


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Tonight - Tuesday, January 25th ACE will NOT have practices at Common Ground due to a scheduled high school swim meet.


Therefore, ACE has arranged a nutrition presentation for our swimmers and their parents. Fueling Tactics® is a food-first approach that keeps kids healthy and helps athletes to enhance their sports performance through proven science-based nutrition strategies to outwork the competition. 


Living an active lifestyle, requires a certain level of fuel (diet). This seminar, for both the swimmer and their parent, will explore how important the choices are that athletes make, the outcomes of such choices and how it impacts performance.


Parents will learn ways to better feed their athlete before and after swim practices & dryland training, as well as before-during-after swim meets. Sport drinks and energy drinks will be one of the topics addressed as well.


As the individual(s) who purchase and prepare the food, we want to make sure you as the parent have accurate information to help your swimmer with their sports related nutrition. We all know that sometimes what the kids hear can get twisted and presented into a conpletely different context. We wants to make sure to provide information about how food impacts their swimming performance without completely disrupting the home. 


Fueling Tactics® is a widely emulated approach to nutrition in U.S. youth sports.  


Questions about this team education event? Please contact Coach Kim Berndt at [email protected]


We sincerely hope you can join us for this presentation.  



Coach Kim Berndt