College Swimmers 

We welcome our college swimmers and ACE alumni back to train with us at any time during the year.

Training group placement will be determined by the ACE Head Coach following evaluation of the swimmer’s current performance times, collegiate program structure, and level of swimmer fitness. Additionally, there will be a discussion between the head coach and swimmer as to training expectations and scheduling needs. Attending meets with the team is highly encouraged in any qualifying meets or based upon discussion with the Head Coach.

Proof of current USA Swimming registration is required. Additionally, all swimmers 18 and over must have completed the online Athlete Protection Training as mandated by MAAPP.  

If you train with us during May through August, you may also train with the team during any school holiday breaks from September through April at no additional cost.   

Please reach out to the ACE Head Coach, Kim Berndt at [email protected].


Visiting/Out-of-State swimmers

ACE has a reciprocity program that allows a visiting swimmer to train with us at no charge for a cumulative period not to exceed 5 practices.

Visiting swimmers must provide an emailed scan of current USA Swimming membership to club manager, Leslie Mayo, at
[email protected].

Visiting swimmers should contact the club manager at the above email in advance to confirm expected training dates and the group the swimmer will train with.