Team unity and camaraderie are an important component of the ACE philosophy.  As such, we believe swimmers should display that unity with pride.  When at swim meets, swimmers are highly encouraged to wear an official ACE Otters team cap, and urged to wear team apparel as well.  This not only links a swimmers to other team members, but is visible display of team pride; it is also an easy method for coaches to recognize and identify swimmers during competition.

ACE caps (Latex or Silicone - without names) are available throughout the season. Orders for personalized ACE caps will occur a couple of times throughout the year through Elsmore Swim Shop.  If cap orders are not open on the Elsmore Swim Shop site, please contact the ACE club manager as we try to keep an inventory of non-personalized ACE swim caps in stock.



ALL swimmers must provide the required equipment appropriate to their training group as indicated in the team handbook.  All equipment must be brought to practice each day.

The following equipment items are required for each member of the ACE Swim Team. Items should be stored in a mesh swim equipment bag and brought to every practice.  Swimmers need the equipment for the first practice of the season.  Click here for more equipment info.

All swimmers MUST have a water bottle with their name clearly labeled for practices as the water fountains will not be available for use. If water bottles are not clearly marked, they cannot be promptly returned to the swimmer and may be disposed of. 



As a general rule, a racing swim suit should feel like it is 2 SIZES TOO SMALL when it is dry. Suits will stretch when wet, and if the suit is TOO BIG it will be uncomfortable, cause drag, and (in some cases) be on the verge of falling off! If your swimmer says “I think it’s too small” when he/she tries it on, it is exactly the right size! Please be sure to talk with one of the coaches or call Elsmore directly to help guide you with sizing.



ACE has set-up an on-line store website with Elsmore Swim Shop as an option for parents to use to purchase the required equipment along with some optional apparel such as team swim suit and warm-up jacket/pants.  However, the "required equipment" may be purchased from any retailer.  The prices listed on the Elsmore website have been discounted for ACE members and ACE also receives a percentage of the sales for use by the club for future equipment purchases. 


To use the Elsmore website:

  • Click
  • Start shopping, pay and equipment will be delivered directly to your home.

You can purchase any item from the website once you are on the ACE page, so if your swimmer needs competition goggles or practice suits, just click the category needed.  ACE is not limited to only the items shown on the team page. 


ACE Logo for items you would like embroidered

mine custom gifts & embroidery  

11410 Davenport Street, Omaha, NE 68154,  (402) 492-9730 

Put an embroidered ACE logo on your favorite apparel and/ or swim bags for a nominal fee.  Names are also available for an additional charge. 

Items may be dropped off at either business.  The payment is to be paid directly to the business upon completion of the order.