Become an Official!

Contact SCSC Officials Representative/Board Member, Tim Keller or visit the Midwestern Swimming Officials page. SCSC currently has 9 MWS/USA-S Certified Officials





Why should I become an official?

  • Support the team with your time as a volunteer. Why not give something back to the team and sport that’s doing great things for your child?

  • Be on deck with your kids at swim meets.  There’s no better view of the pool.

  • Learn more about the sport of swimming (don’t you wish you knew why your child DQ’d?  What do things like “delay initiating turn”, “shoulders past vertical”, and “false start” mean anyway?)

  • Because you’re a valued volunteer, be well-taken care of with:

    • Free heat sheets (you’ll actually know the heat and lane assignments)

    • Free food

    • Free admission and parking

  • Since USA Swimming is a tax-exempt charitable organization, volunteer expenses such as mileage, hotel, and meals are potentially tax-deductible.

  • Nice people who will mentor you in the sport (Officials really are nice once you get to know them!)

  • You can make a difference!  Don’t sit in the stands and get a sore back; stand up and be involved with the swimmers on deck.