Become an Official!

Ready to become an official?

Contact SCSC Officials Representative, Tim Keller or contact MWS Officials' Chair, Deb Pearson by visiting the Midwestern Swimming Officials page


Article: Up on Deck: Inside the World of Swim Officials




Why should I become an official?

  • Support the team with your time as a volunteer. Why not give something back to the team and sport that’s doing great things for your child?
  • Be on deck with your kids at swim meets.  There’s no better view of the pool.
  • Learn more about the sport of swimming (don’t you wish you knew why your child DQ’d?  What do things like “delay initiating turn”, “shoulders past vertical”, and “false start” mean anyway?)
  • Because you’re a valued volunteer, be well-taken care of with:
    • Free heat sheets and admission
    • Great hospitality
    • Awesome polos
  • Since USA Swimming is a tax-exempt charitable organization, volunteer expenses such as mileage, hotel, and meals are potentially tax-deductible.
  • Nice people who will mentor you in the sport (Officials really are nice once you get to know them!)
  • You can make a difference!  Don’t sit in the stands and get a sore back; stand up and be involved with the swimmers on deck.

What is the time commitment?

  • New Officials: New officials will be required to attend a training course, pass an open book test and apprentice at 4 sessions with experienced officials. You will be guided by the Midwestern Swimming Officials’ committee throughout the entire process.
  • To maintain your certification and currency, all officials are required to work 4 sessions throughout the 12-month calendar year. You can choose what meets/sessions you would like to work! We ask that SCSC officials officiate at our home meets.
  • All USA Swimming non-athlete members must take an annual athlete protection training course.
    • Initially this course will take 30-45 minutes and annually will take 15-30 minutes.
  • You may see many familiar officials at every swim meet, you are not expected to work as many meets as they do! This group of officials are very dedicated to what they do!

What is the cost?

  • Being an official, there is no cost to you!
  • SCSC will pay for your USAS/MWS non-athlete registration and background check


Meet Official Positions

Deck Officials

  • Stroke & Turn
  • Chief Judge
  • Starter
  • Deck Referee
  • Meet Referee

Administrative Officials

  • Administrative Official
  • Administrative Referee

Your goal as an official will be to acquire a clear and consistent knowledge of the USA Swimming and MWS rules and provide the required time to insure consistency in all of the rules when on the swim pool deck.