Entering a Swim Meet

The team hosting a swim meet will publish a meet flyer well in advance of the meet. The flyer includes all the essential information about the meet, including location, date, entry deadline, fees, any qualifying times, and order of events. This flyer will be posted on our team website along with any other relevant information about the meet. Meets are in the "Events" area of the website.

We will send all our swimmers' entries to the host team for all team meets. The club also pays all the meet entry fees initially. After the meet occurs, meet entry fees will be charged to individual accounts and show up on the following month's invoice. These entry fees include a charge for individual events (set by the meet host) and a meet fee set by Midwestern Swimming. Sometimes there will be an additional facility fee charged to each swimmer.

Our team will set a deadline for families to declare whether or not they will attend a meet. This deadline is often well in advance of the host team's entry deadline. Some meets are difficult to get into and we must send in our entries early to be sure they will be accepted. 

To enter a meet, please do the following:

1. Go to the Event page for the meet on the team website. An email will go out once the meet is available.

2. Click on "Attend/Decline" for the meet.

3. Choose "Yes" or "No" to declare your intentions to either enter or decline the meet.

4. If you choose "Yes", then the events available for your swimmer to enter based on age group will appear. Look carefully at your swimmer's entry times. The listed times will represent their best times in each event. If there are qualifying standards for the meet, they will appear on the right hand side of the page for each event. Also, if your swimmer is eligible to swim that event (meets the time standard), then the entry time will show up in black. If the swimmer is not eligible (does not meet the time standard), then the entry time will show up in red.

5. Notes Section: Please type any special considerations you have for the meet. If your swimmer is only available on certain days then please put this information in the notes section. If you would like the coaches to choose all the events for your swimmer, then type "Coach pick" in the notes section.

6. Coach pick vs. swimmer select. For most meets, parents/swimmers can choose the events they want to swim. Coaches will review all the selections to make sure they are appropriate. For the more senior swimmers, the head coach will review all the entries and make final selections.

7. Make sure you click on "Save" before you leave the entry page.

Once we have confirmation that our team's entries have been accepted, an entry report will be posted on the Event page.


Questions regarding entries can be sent to your swimmers' coach or the entry chair.