Augustana Meet Information

Janet Cho

Friday Warm-ups are at 4:15-5:15 PM, Meet starts at 5:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday Warm-ups are at 7:00-7:50 AM, Meet starts at 8:00 AM

Saturday PM Warm-ups are at 2:30-3:20 PM, Meet starts at 3:30 PM

COACHES: Nick & Riley


1 SPECTATOR PER ATHLETE – Detail on live streaming to be provided soon.

Important Information Regarding Midco:

  • No Outside Food or Drink is Allowed. 
  • Concessions will be provided.  You may purchase Fuel Bags from the concessions and those items are allowed on the pool deck.   Your families may order those through this link:  Orders must be received by Monday, April 26th.   You can pick up the bags at the start of the day.
  • If you are outside the pool area (camping is allowed outside), you can bring your own food and drinks.  You just are not allowed to bring it inside.  We highly recommend camping outside if the weather permits.
  • Hospitality will be provided for coaches and officials.  (You CAN’T bring in your own coffee – we will provide a Keurig in the hospitality room)


  • Friday we will run only 1 session.  Warm-ups will begin at 4:15 and end at 5:15 with the meet beginning at 5:30pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday Sessions will split into 2 per the meet invitation.
  • The facility will be open for athletes 15 minutes prior to warm-up beginning and spectators 15 minutes prior to the meet beginning.
  • There will be 30-45 minutes between sessions to allow for a quick cleaning of the facility.   The doors will be locked until the 15 minutes prior to the next session.  We ask that teams quickly leave the facility after their session.

Officials:  If you have someone traveling and they would like to officiate, please have them sign-up here:     

Attire for Officials:  Black Shoes, Black Pants or Shirts, White Shirt.

Timers:  We are planning on just 1 timer per lane, but if any spectators would prefer to be on the deck, we will take any assistance.   Here is the google doc to sign up:

Please see the Meet Event for the Meet Flyer, Entry Report and Session Timeline.

Good Luck Swimmers!