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2022 Central Zone Open Water Championship
Midwestern isupported our Open Water athletes by sponsoring a team to the Central Zone Open Water Championships in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin June 16-17, 2022. This was an individual/family travel meet. Midwestern sent coach(es) (Eric Samson, Head Coach) if a minimum of six (6) athletes commit to attending the meet. Athletes may be reimbursed up to $100.00 with submitted reimbursement application and receipts. This meet does require A times in the 400/500, 800/1000, 1500/1650 for 11 & Over and A times in the 200, 200/500 for 10 & U and 11-12 athletes. General meet information is posted along with results and picture of the 2022 MW Open Water Team.

Midwestern is sending 8 athletes plus coaches to Pleasant Prairie.
Coach: Eric Samson; Athletes: Landen C, Jack E, Jessica F, Catelyn F, Olivia F, Carter H, Alexander J, Jack O with Chuck Jones assisting coach.

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