Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement from USA Swimming

We are committed to growing and celebrating diversity, increasing fairness throughout our organization, and intentionally creating environments where differences are embraced and everyone feels welcome, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate.  USA Swimming is committed to a culture of inclusion and opportunity.  We strive to create equity by providing resources specific to the needs of our members. In the context of swimming, diversity is the invitation to our sport, inclusion is making sure our sport is welcoming, and equity is ensuring all members have what they need to be successful.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to achieving the mission of USA Swimming and is an important and necessary step to achieving our four end goals, the “Ends:"

  • Achievement of sustained competitive success at the Olympic Games
  • Members have resources to sustain successful athletes, coaches, and clubs
  • Support public engagement for growth in swimming participation and interest
  • USA Swimming recognized as Best in Class

As the National Governing Body of the sport of swimming, we are steadfast in our commitment to identify and lead in reducing barriers, to create and creating opportunities for inclusion, and to increase fairness throughout our sport. We strive to have the demographics of our country be reflected in our membership.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement from Midwestern Swimming

Midwestern Swimming is committed to a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity. We welcome and ensure swimmers can participate to their fullest ability regardless of race, age, income, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation and mental or physical disability.  Together with USA Swimming, Midwestern Swimming is committed to increasing multicultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic diversity at all levels of the sport to achieve and foster an inclusive swimming environment. In following with this commitment, Midwestern Swimming is actively organizing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. Working closely with Midwestern Swimming’s Board of Directors, the Committee's goal will be to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into every aspect of the LSC’s messaging and programming.  Midwestern Swimming’s DEI Committee will work towards this goal by embracing all the ways in which we as individuals are and can be different; leveraging the ways we are different to create a respectful and welcoming environment for everyone; and acknowledging that the ways we are different will require varying and unique solutions and resources to fit the needs of each member of Midwestern Swimming. 

DEI Informational Resources for Midwestern Swimming Community

Midwestern Swimming Outreach Policy

Midwestern Swimming Registration Page

USA Swimming Cultural Inclusion Resource Guides 

Diversity Style Guide

Disability Language Style Guide

General Principles for Reducing Bias

Spanish Language Phrases for Coaches

Best Practices for Safe Sport with Athletes with Disabilities

USA Swimming LGBTQ Resource Guide

Recommended Practices for Gender Diverse Minor Athletes

Steps to Request Change of Competition Category

Black Kids Swim

Mental Health Resource for Parents and Caregivers

 Stop AAPI Hate

Financial Resources Available Now 
Reduced Membership Fee - USA Swimming/Midwestern Swimming currently offers Outreach Memberships for $5.00.
Reduced Meet Fees - Midwestern Swimming supports a reduced meet fee policy which states that meet event entry fees for qualified Outreach athletes are 25% of the published meet entry fees for all Midwestern Swimming sanctioned competitions.
Educational/Leadership Opportunities - Every two years (even years), Midwestern Swimming financially supports the attendance of two LSC athletes and a coach at the Central Zone Diversity Select Camp.
Competitive Opportunities - Every two years (odd years), Midwestern Swimming financially supports the attendance of a qualified team of LSC athletes and a coach at the Central Zone Diversity Select Meet.
  • For more information and how to get involved, please contact Midwestern Swimming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chairperson, Carol Olson, via the Contact Us link.
  • Thank you!

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The Central Zone Multi-Cultural Swimming Meet date and location have been announced, and our LSC is looking forward to fielding a strong athlete representation from Midwestern Swimming.

Hosted by Greater Evansville Swimming, Inc., Boonville Aquatic Dolphins and the Evansville Sports Corporation, the meet is slated for June 11-12.

Held at the Deaconess Aquatic Center in Evansville, Indiana, this meet is a celebration of athletes of diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to race, age, income, ethnicity, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. It provides opportunities for swimmers of diverse backgrounds to represent their LSC, celebrate diversity, allow the success of competitive goals, establish friendships, learn from each other, and share the love of our sport of swimming.

This is a team travel meet. Midwestern Swimming covers costs associated with travel, lodging and meet entries. Food and incidentals are the athlete's responsibility.  

There are no time standards for this meet.  Priority is given to athletes who have not had the opportunity to participate in past MW supported meets such as the All Star meet, Sectionals, Zone competitions, Futures and Junior Nationals.  The composition of the team is such that no demographic exceeds 30-50% of the total team size

Click Here for Midwestern Swimming Athlete Multi-Cultural Team Application

Submission Deadline May 16, 2022 by 5:00 pm.