Athlete Registration

302.1 All swimmers practicing with a USA Swimming Club or competing in events sanctioned by USA Swimming must be registered members of USA Swimming.

General Information


Club Athletes - Do you already belong to a club and want to renew registration? Are you new to swimming and looking to join your local club? Contact your club to complete the registration process. 

Unattached Athletes - contact the MWS Registrar directly. (*For Unattached athletes only. Club-affiliated athletes must register through their clubsUnattached Athlete FAQ

Athlete Protection Training (APT) is REQUIRED annual training for all adult athletes (age 18 and older) and must be completed prior to their 18th birthday. Participating in any USA Swimming activities (practice or meets) is not allowed unless this requirement is completed and current.To complete the free, online APT course: Begin by logging into your USA Swimming account, select Education, then go to Education Course Catalog. It is the responsibility of the Adult Athlete member to complete APT and renew it on time.

Go to time stamp 3:16 for details on how to register a member (your swimmer) once your USA Swimming parent account is created and you have the registration link from your specific club registrar.






Outreach Registration

USA Swimming offers a reduced registration fee for athletes from low-income families. The purpose of this program is to provide competitive swimming opportunities to the underrepresented and economically disadvantaged youth in the United States. The Outreach Program reduces the annual membership fee an athlete pays to USA Swimming from $76 to $5.

To register as an Outreach member:

  1. Club affiliated athletes: First, contact your club to sign up with your team! Unattached athletes, contact the MWS Registrar directly for assistance.
  2. Determine if the athlete qualifies for Outreach Registration. Check the MW Broadened Outreach Membership Qualifications to determine eligibility and what proof of eligibility document (if any) is needed.
  3. Send a copy of your Proof of Eligibility document to your club registrar. Once received, your club registrar will send you a unique link to complete the registration process online. Your discount will be applied at checkout and you will pay only $5 for USA Swimming registration.
  4. Club Registrar must then send the Proof of Eligibility document to the MWS RegistrarThis step must be done for the athlete to receive the MWS Outreach discount of $5 per meet.

Confidentiality - All efforts will be made to keep the status of outreach swimmers confidential. 



Athletes seeking to transfer from one club to another, or coming to Midwestern Swimming from another LSC can initiate a transfer online. No longer will Midwestern Swimming accept the previous transfer document in paper or scanned pdf format.

A 60-day period must be observed from the time when the swimmer last swam in competition representing their old club and when the swimmer can represent their new club in competition. During the 60-day period, the swimmer may compete as UN (unattached) and cannot swim in relays.

How to initiate a club transfer (beginning September 1, 2022):

  1. Log in to your USA Swimming member account HERE
  2. Go to the member's general info page
  3. Select Club Transfer
  4. Select the  V  under Club to view current status, and Initiate Transfer.
  5. Complete the transfer form, and click Submit. 
  6. Once submitted, the transfer will be pending until the MW transfer fee is received by the MWS Registrar.  

Midwestern Swimming Transfer Fee:  $10.00  CASH NOT ACCEPTED 

Mail Check Payable to Midwestern Swimming and Form to: 

Leslie Mayo, MWS Registration Chair

1607 S 181st St 

Omaha NE 68130-2764 


In accordance with USA Swimming rule, 203.6, “If a member club of an LSC has secured a court judgment against an athlete member (or his/her parents or custodians) for non-payment of club membership dues and fees which entitles the athlete to compete unattached to the club that athlete shall be ineligible to represent any USA Swimming member club until the judgment is paid." 

The athlete’s former club will be notified this transfer has occurred. The former club has the responsibility to notify the MWS Registrar if the club has obtained a court judgment which would cause the athlete to be unattached pursuant to USA Swimming Rules and Regulation 203.6.