Report of Occurrence

Reporting injuries is very important, even if minor. There is no penalty for reporting and if an injury goes unreported that could affect USA Swimming’s ability to timely respond to claims that the injured party may submit later. Protect your athletes, club and LSC by reporting all injuries that occur at practice, meets and team functions. Remember any injury (regardless of severity) occurring at practices, meets or team functions needs to be reported to USA Swimming using the report of occurrence form. This is an electronic submission. Email a copy to the Safety Chair as well.  Lori Howard

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The Safety Training for Swim Coaches course process has gotten easier to complete. The coach can now register for the on-line portion, complete that course and print the on-line course certificate. The coach will then take the certificate to the in the water section instructor. That instructor will print the in water certificate for the coach, once successful completion of that section is accomplished. The coach will then submit the 2 certificates to the LSC Registrar. The water instructor is still required to meet the required qualifications to teach that section. The water instructor no longer needs to set up a class on line with the Red Cross prior to the water portion. If the coach is a currently certified life guard, the in the water session is not needed. 


Meet Marshals

Remember that meet marshals can’t have any other meet responsibilities other than the meet marshal role. The main focus of the meet marshal is safety, especially during any meet warm up or warm down periods. More than 1 meet marshal is needed for most meets. Meet marshal’s receive their instruction/direction from the Meet Referee and communicate any concerns/issues through that person. Meet warm up can't begin until the Meet Marshal and Meet Referee are both present.

Video-3-Point Entry


Pre-Meet Water and Air

Hypoxic Training Recommendations

Concussion Check List